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RailCar Movers In Operation - INDONESIA

May 30th, 2023

RailCar Movers In Operation - INDONESIA

On the 25th of May 2023, we have successfully completed the Site Acceptance Test for 2 Colmar railcar movers model SL120D in Indonesia

These 2 machines will be deployed at the Jabodebek LRT’s depot at Bekasi, a light rapid transit system currently under construction in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

This line will connect the Jakarta city centre with suburbs in Greater Jakarta such as Bogor, Depok and Bekasi, hence its acronym "Jabodebek”.


The SL120D has a max towing capacity of 2.400 ton and a tractive effort of 27.500 lbs.

The machines have been tested on a 4% grade and 60 meters (29 degree) curve.

Rolling stock locally manufactured by PT Inka

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